Madrid - Royal Botanical Garden

Next to the Prado is the Royal Botanical Garden - Real Jardín Botánico. It was founded to provide the herbs and fresh vegetables and fruit necessary to maintain healthy monarchs.

These images constitute a small fraction of those I took here.

20000620-1-04-Madrid-Murillo-Statue (61K)

20000620-1-11-Madrid-RJB-Flowers (133K)

20000620-1-14-Madrid-RJB-Bark (99K)

20000620-1-15-Madrid-RJB-Statue-MLAGASSA (88K)

20000620-1-20-Madrid-RJB-Lechuga-Romana (96K)

20000620-2-00A-Madrid-RJB-Steps (110K)

20000620-2-02A-Madrid-RJB-Walkway (83K)

20000620-2-20A-Madrid-RJB-Trellis (105K)

20000620-2-24A-Madrid-RJB-Plants-For-Sale (92K)

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