Madrid - Spanish Flavor

Some parts of Madrid had an especially Spanish feel.

The sidewalk in some places is only a few centimeters above the street. Here, steel posts demark the path for trucks to take through the pedestrian area to the service entrance. We also saw this in Sevilla.

20000621-2-25A-Madrid-Path (49K)

Notice the shutters on the outside of the windows. At home, working shutters generally are inside windows.

20000621-2-28A-Madrid-Balconies (96K)

Calle de la Almudena, identified by the tile sign on a building.

20000621-2-32A-Madrid-Calle-de-la-Almudena (73K)

A statue of A Don Alvaro de Bazan in Plaza de la Villa No. 2, Royal Academia de Ciencias Morales Y Politicas.

The flowers at the base of the statue are beautiful.

20000621-2-34A-Madrid-A-Don-Alvaro-de-Bazan (72K)

A tiled entryway

20000621-4-07A-Madrid-Tile-Entry (121K)

Here, the restored Madrid is next to a building getting a facelift.

20000621-4-12A-Madrid-White-Building (68K)

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