Portugal - Albufeira

Albufeira is a beach town west of Villamora.

This is the town of Albufeira looking east from the top of a cliff about 50 feet above the beach. The crane on the horizon symbolizes the new construction. Albufeira is a combination of old and new, while the Villamora marina was all new.

20000617-1-04-Albufeira-Town-Crane (89K)

Below the cliff is a beach to the east and a pier running south. This view is of the town from the end of the pier.

20000617-1-20-Albufeira-Cliff-Town (60K)

Looking down from the pier, here are some algae-covered rocks in the tidal zone.

20000617-1-13-Albufeira-Ocean-Green-Rocks (67K)

As we stood on the beach, this airplane flew over towing a sign that proclaims, in English,

"Bullfight - Albufeira Today 17H30."

20000617-1-21-Albufeira-Bullfight-Today-b (23K)

From the end of the pier, the cliff is visible straight ahead.

20000617-1-22-Albufeira-Pier (80K)

These traps were stacked along the beach

20000617-1-23-Albufeira-Gear (116K)

Fishing gear was stuffed into this boat.

20000617-1-25-Albufeira-Gear (137K)

A study in the old and the new, the Portugese and the foreign

20000617-2-10-Albufeira-Rua-Santana (53K)

The mosaic is distinctive with pattern of the individual rocks along an axis diagonal to the larger white and black areas.

20000617-2-05-Albufeira-Patio (91K)

The same rock mosaic pattern is used as the paving along this alley.

20000617-2-07-Albufeira-Alley (57K)

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