Cordoba - Arches Of La Gran Mezquita

The roof of the original mosque is held up by circular arches in a vast array over nearly four acres. Most are double-tiered and have a distinct red and white striped pattern.

In the oldest part of the mosque the red stripes are made of brick and are rectangular and the white stripes are made of stone and are curved to complete the shape. In sections of the mosque added later, the arches are entirely of white stone with red stripes painted on.

This view is just inside the entrance from the courtyard.

The light is dim inside La Gran Mezquita, so natural light exposures result in blurred images of people.

For this natural-light exposure, Dick leaned the camera against a pillar.

The arches continue row after row through the mosque.

In this area, the ceiling is open to natural light.

This archway extends over one of the exterior doorways. At the bottom is a brass door; the outside of this doorway is shown on the earlier page.

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