Thom(p)son (Re)union - 2001 - Odiorne Point

Saturday, we left early and drove the inland route to Odiorne Point, New Hampshire. This is where David Thomson and Amias Colle first settled, before they moved to Boston Harbor and Thompson Island. David's land grant included 6000 acres here, Odiorne Point to Strawberry Bank.

It was overcast in the morning. We had come the Russell B. Tobey Visitor Center of the Seacoast Science Center at Odiorne Point State Park for Gen Frasier's talk on David Thomson's Scottish origins. Before and after the talk we walked around the grounds and toured the museum.

Partway through Gen's talk the power went out. She kept going, and it was a good thing, since eventually we were asked to leave due to security policy at the Science Center.

This is the coast-side of the Visitor Center.

Building with ocean on the right (62K)

Fall colors were coming out here in New Hampshire, too.

Foliage, mostly green, with some color (52K)

Sumac is plentiful here, too. It is just beginning to turn.

Sumac bush with some green, some red leaves (134K)

This graphic display inside the Science Center shows the local food chain.

The Juvenile Codfish eats the Copepod which eats the Phytoplankton (55K)

This anchor, typical of those used in the late 19th century, was recovered in 1991.

Anchor on display with the bay and lighthouse beyond (67K)

We are awaiting the start of Gen's talk.

Audience for Gen Frasier's talk; 13 people seated. (68K)

Gen speaking, before the lights went out.

Gen Frasier speaking at a conference table. (54K)

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