Hodgman Family Member Affiliations

Dick graduated from Shawnee Mission East High School, Prairie Village, Kansas. He is a graduate of M.I.T., which has a home page for the MIT Alumni/ae Association, including listings of Alumni/ae home pages. If you are an M.I.T. alumna/us, they will list your page, too.

Dick is a member of the M.I.T. Educational Council, a group of M.I.T. alumni/ae that meet with high school students and their parents to help them understand more about M.I.T. He also interviews applicants for M.I.T. undergraduate admission as part of the MITEC.

Lynne graduated from Laconia High School, Laconia, New Hampshire. She attended the St. Paul's School (Concord, NH) Advanced Studies Program. She is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Kansas.

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