Hodgman in England

Hodgmans in England in the mid-19th century: (ref. Hodgman, F(rancis), The Hodgman Family, Climax, Michigan, USA, 1903, Cereal Printing House) include the following:

1. Thomas Hodgman, St. Peter's Road, Broad Stairs, County of Kent. By occupation a farmer and miller. See English Post Office Directory for 1846, pages 221, 837, 904.

2. John Hodgman, Kings Street, Ramsgate, County of Kent. Corn dealer. English P.O. Directory 1846, p. 811.

3. Mrs. Sarah Hodgman, Waterloo Place, Ramsgate, Furniture Broker. P.O. Directory 1846, p. 864.

4. Edward Hodgman, Edgar Place, Ramsgate. Town carrier. P.O. Directory 1846, p. 343, 346.

5. John Hodgman, Belleview Hills, Ramsgate, Town carrier. P.O. Directory 1846, p. 343.

Hodgmans in County of Kent in the late seventeenth century are as follows. The reference is a hand-written manuscript by Edwin R. Hodgman deposited in the New England Historical Genealogical Society August 4, 1900, call letters G/HOD/825.

William and Elizabeth Hodgman of Chisley, County of Kent, had the following children:

1. Elizabeth, b. March 5, 1653
2. Margaret, b. July 26, 1655
3. Ann, b. July 26, 1664
4. Annah, b. April 13, 1671
5. Thomas, b. Oct. 1, 1671

Elizabeth, the wife, died or was buried Dec. 5, 1675

William, a laboring man, died Mar. 26, 1682

Edwin Hodgman does not cite his source. However, I would hazard a guess that it is parish records in Chisley, given the events he listed.

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