Lynne and Dick's June 2000 Trip To Spain

Our friends the Kinghorns have lived overseas since 1982, working as civilian employees of the US Navy. They have invited us to visit them many times, and when Kay repeated the invitation this spring, we decided to take them up on it. They have lived in Spain for three years, working at the Navy base in Rota, on the southwest coast.

We left Kansas City on Saturday, June 10. We visited Don and Kay Sunday, June 11 to Sunday, June 18 in Puerto de Santa Maria. We took four day trips and one overnight trip while with Don and Kay. We went back to Madrid on Sunday, June 18 and stayed there until we flew home on Thursday, June 22.

During our trip, Dick shot 37 rolls of film for over 900 exposures. Of these, 300 images made it into 50 web pages totaling 23 megabytes.

JFK to Seville

Monastery La Cartuja

To Puerto


To Gibraltar

Gibraltar Views

Barbary Apes

Leaving Gibraltar; To Spain

Back to Puerto from Gibraltar

Produce in the Mercado

Cordoba - To La Gran Mezquita

Cordoba - Arches Of La Gran Mezquita

Cordoba - Writing Of La Gran Mezquita

Cordoba - Passion In La Gran Mezquita

Cordoba - The Church In La Gran Mezquita

Cordoba - La Sinagoga

Cordoba - Sights On Our Walk

Cordoba - Stone Sidewalks


Sevilla - Cathedral

Sevilla - Alcázar Palace

Sevilla - Alcázar Tiles

Sevilla - Alcázar Palace Courtyards

Cadiz -
Port City

Cadiz - Shops

Cadiz - Mercado

Cadiz - Seafood In the Mercado

Cadiz - Departure
20000614-3-06A-Rota-Beach-Tiles-thumb (15K)
Rota -
Port City
20000615-3-11A-Rota-Tapas-Restaurant-thumb (18K)
Rota - Tapas
20000615-3-20A-Rota-Houses-thumb (16K)
Puerto - Evening
20000615-3-16A-Rota-No-Entrada-thumb (17K)
Super Mercado
20000617-5-25-Puerto-Kinghorns-thumb (18K)
Puerto - Casa Kinghorn
20000616-2-19-To-Portugal-Bridge-thumb (13K)
Portugal - Villamora
20000617-1-02-Villamora-Ceramics-Sunflowers-thumb (20K)
Portugal - Ceramics Shop
20000616-3-14-0617-Villamora-Ceramic-Peacock-thumb (19K)
Portugal - Ceramics Scenes
20000617-1-25-Albufeira-Gear-thumb (23K)
Portugal - Albufeira
20000617-3-02A-Loule-Market-Ducks-thumb (19K)
Portugal - Loulé
20000617-5-18-Columbus-Three-Ships-thumb (14K)
20000618-1-09-0619-Madrid-Corte-Ingles-Snack-Bar-thumb (17K)
20000621-2-34A-Madrid-A-Don-Alvaro-de-Bazan-thumb (16K)
Madrid - Spanish Flavor
20000618-1-20-0619-Madrid-Casa-De-Guadalajara-thumb (18K)
Madrid - Storefronts & Doorways
20000621-2-09A-Madrid-Calle-de-Bailen-thumb (16K)
Madrid - Signs
20000621-3-24A-Madrid-Thyssen-Portrait-thumb (19K)
Madrid - Museums
20000620-1-11-Madrid-RJB-Flowers-thumb (23K)
Madrid - Royal Botanical Garden
20000621-1-17-Madrid-Cervantes-Plaza-thumb (18K)
Madrid - Cervantes Plaza
20000621-2-22A-Madrid-Ataulfo-Rex-thumb (19K)
Madrid - Royal Palace
20000621-4-03A-Madrid-Bus-thumb (17K)
Madrid - Around Town
20000621-4-11A-Madrid-McDonalds-thumb (18K)
Madrid - Home Away From Home
20000621-3-29A-Madrid-Bomberos-thumb (18K)
Madrid - Manhole Covers

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