The Red Cliffs Along the Colorado River

We soon saw why UT-128 is designated a Scenic Route. The Colorado River cuts along red cliffs hundreds of feet high. In the distance are mesas and spires that reminded Dick of Monument Valley near the Arizona border.

We came upon this curve in the road early on.

Scroll to the right to see the panorama.

The sky was mostly clear, with a bit of haze to the south. The haze may have been smoke from the Mesa Verde fire.

Here are spires left behind by erosion.

These formations to the south reminded Dick of the Mittens in Monument Valley.

Here are the formations in a closer view.

These hills are south of the river. Notice the clouds - we had a smattering of rain a little later on.

Scroll to the right to see the panorama.

A closer view of the sagebrush on the hill brings out the texture of the high desert.

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