Welcome (Back) To Utah

Dinosaur Hill was exhausting because of the heat. We went back down the highway to a Texaco right across from the Dinomation Museum and got refreshments. We went into a souvenir shop and picked out a battery-powered Pteranodon and listened to a mounted bass sing "Don't Worry, Be Happy".

After our rest, we headed west on I-70 toward Utah. Dick checked the map and saw "Scenic Highway" UT-128 just past Cisco, maybe 15 miles extra on our way to Moab. Since we had the time, we decided to take that route.

"Welcome To Utah" greeted us after we crossed the state line. There was big sky and dry, flat terrain for about the next hour.

The cutoff to Cisco wasn't shown as part of the Scenic Highway. There were no services there anyway. Fortunately, we had refueled before we left Fruita. We continued to UT-128.

This sign was on UT-128, soon after we exited from I-70. The road continued across the high desert for about 20 miles before we saw any narrow, winding roads.

This painted cattle guard was at Proudfoot Bend. Just 1/2 mile up the road is a bridge over the Colorado River. It replaced an old, single-lane bridge.

This was the parched dirt by the side of the road. We saw green farmland along the drive ahead, but only when it was irrigated.

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