Utah Field House Of Natural History inside

It was getting dark as we finished up with the Dinosaur Garden, so we headed inside the museum.

The ranger is calmly going about her business, just as though there weren't an Apatosaurus lurking above her head.

There is a working fossil lab inside the museum.

There is a large collection of minerals. Here are some examples.

                Alabaster Rose
   Alabaster is a fine, white or light colored 
   compact gypsum.  It is soft and can be easily 
   worked with chisels and files.  For centuries 
   artists have used alabaster for statuary. 
   This rose was carved by Brent Anderson of 
   Vernal from alabaster-grade gypsum found 
   north of here in the Carmel formation.  

There is a room of minerals that fluoresce under UV light. This photo was taken in 1982.

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