Buildings In Rota

After we got off the ferry from Cadiz, we walked around Rota.

The Hotel Santa Maria is right next to the ferry dock.

20000615-2-21-Puerto-Hotel-Santa-Maria (81K)

20000615-2-23-Puerto-El-Vapor (87K)

20000615-3-01A-Rota-Passion-Mosaic (57K)

Avenida Micaela Aramburu de Mora (56K)

20000615-3-06A-Rota-El-Resbaladero (80K)

We wandered around town for over an hour looking for a restaurant. We went into one that was way too formal, so we left and made our way back toward the water. We found this tapas restaurant. When we walked in, our guide from the Cadiz tour was there along with a dozen or so of the folks from the tour! It was a good choice - the tapas were delicious.

20000615-3-11A-Rota-Tapas-Restaurant (74K)

Bullfighting is popular in the south of Spain.

20000614-3-07A-Rota-Bullfighting-Poster (48K)

The Bullring

20000615-3-14A-Rota-Bullring (72K)

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