Rota - Port City

Rota is a seacoast port. When we returned from Cadiz, we saw sights along the channel and then walked through town looking for a place for a late afternoon meal.

This ship with crane was in the channel leading to Rota as we returned from Cadiz.

20000615-2-15-Puerto-Ship (43K)

This boat was getting a new coat of blue paint in dry dock.

20000615-2-16-Puerto-Ship-Dry-Dock (61K)

We looked back down the channel toward the bay.

20000615-2-18-Puerto-Marina (49K)

The flag blew in a stiff breeze all the way from Cadiz.

20000615-2-22-Puerto-Ferry-Flag (68K)

This mosaic is by the beach in Rota and refers to the US Navy Base.

20000614-3-06A-Rota-Beach-Tiles (65K)

This statue is dedicated to lost mariners.

20000615-3-09A-Rota-Los-Marineros (70K)

Near sunset we went by this marina.

20000615-3-21A-Rota-Marina (72K)

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