Hodgman Reunion in Tasmania 2000

A Hodgman family reunion was held the weekend of 4th - 5th of March 2000 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Here is an account from Rose and John Hodgman, followed by photos:

We had a wonderful time at the reunion over the weekend of the 4th - 5th of March. We had over 20 Emails from Hodgmans from all over the world wishing us the best for the reunion.

We started off with a dinner on the Saturday night which was attended by 86 people. The Hon. Michael Hodgman QC from Hobart was MC at the dinner Saturday night and on Sunday. He did a marvelous job and drew everyone together to be one big happy Hodgman family.

On Sunday at the Hall it couldn't have gone any better. Hodgmans from England Mrs. Joan Sharman & Mr. Ian Giles, who both have a wealth of Hodgman knowledge, were our guests and gave us a lot of information.

There were 111 people at the Sunday reunion! A fantastic day. We finished off with a barbecue at our home with about 60 guests attending.

On the next day, Monday, several car loads of people went up to St. Helens, Tasmania for a day trip to view Aaron Martin Cramp Hodgman's family grave that we restored last year. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Here are photos from the reunion:

Hon. Michael Hodgman QC who was MC with Marie Downs of Sydney

Tom Lowrie, of Western Australia, Jean Robertson, Raewyn Flyger, Cecily Lowrie of New Zealand and Phillip Lowrie of Melbourne

Ann Hodgman of Noosa Queensland Australia, Peter and Ruby Hodgman of Launceston, (Rose's and John's daughter Ann and son Peter and wife)

Rose Hodgman of Launceston, Hon. Michael Hodgman QC of Hobart, and Joan Sharman of England (guest Speaker)

Jean Robertson, New Zealand, Shirlie McKimmie, of Launceston, John Turner of Melbourne, Marie Downs of Sydney and Margaret Hodgman of Launceston

Some of the group outside the hall

Meg Shanahan, Penny Saile, Mike Hodgman, Doreen Hodgman, Holger Saile, and Peter Hodgman, all of Hobart, Tasmania

Ian Giles of England, one of the guest speakers

Bernard Hodgman from Currie King Island, Joan Hoyle from Hobart and Ron Read from Sydney

Robert Hodgman of Swansea, Tasmania, Fiona Hodgman from Hobart, Tasmania, Marjorie Handley of Launceston

Bernard Hodgman (oldest man from Currie, King Island ), Michael Hodgman, Hobart, Prudence Ritchie (91 year old the oldest person, from Devonport, Tasmania), Rose Hodgman, Launceston, and Peter Hodgman, Hobart.

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