Hodgman - Family in Tasmania

Read about the Hodgman family reunion (402 KB) in Tasmania in 2000.

Mike and Nicky (Alderson) Hodgman report that Mike's great-great-grandparents Aaron Martin Cramp and Julianna (Lade) Hodgman and their family emigrated from the county of Kent, England between 1862, when their son Cyrus Lade was born in Eastry, Kent, England and 1867, when their son John Samuel was born in Falmouth, Tasmania.

Mike included in his notes a quote from Helen Hodgman of Melborne that a son of William Croft Hodgman (b. 1836, presumably in England) "went to the Antarctic and the South Pole with Scott - features in Antarctica were named after him but cartographers spelt the name as HODGEMAN; descendants - mainly in South Australia - have followed this spelling".

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