New Hampshire and
New Jersey Trip
June and July 1995

On June 16th, Dick, Lynne, Lucy (10), and Thomas (2) piled into our Voyager and set out from Prairie Village, Kansas on a 27-day, 4500-mile trip to New Hampshire and New Jersey. We did a lot of driving, saw some beautiful country, visited old friends and made new ones, and made it home in one piece with only one auto breakdown.

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Some Highlights of the Hodgmans' Vacation

Niagara Falls, Jun 18 (166K)
On our way from Kansas City to New England, we stopped at Niagara Falls. We rode on The Maid of the Mist and we ate dinner in Canada.

Newmarket, NH, June 19 - July 5 (90K)
Newmarket was our home base for our 15 days in New England.

Laconia, NH, June 23 (65K)
Lynne grew up in Laconia, so this was for old times' sake.

Boston, June 25 (46K)
There are a million things to do in Boston. We did two.

Ogunquit, ME, June 26 (124K)
Ogunquit is a beach resort town.

Kennebunk, ME, June 26 (36K)
George and Barbara live near here, but they weren't home.

Kittery, ME, June 26, 30 (18K)
Shop 'til you drop.

Merrimack, NH, June 27 (83K)
King George II and Dick's Great----Grandparents (didn't meet).

Miniature Horse Farm, June 28 (111K)
And pigs, and goats.

Gilsum, NH, June 29 (130K)
Dick's great-----Grandparents - got away.

Durham, NH, July 4 (89K)
"Hooray for the Fourth of July!"

Morristown, NJ, July 5-10 (80K)
George Washington slept here (really!)

New York City, July 6 (123K)
We saw two museums, ate two meals, saw Lincoln Center, and we didn't have to drive.

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