Wood-Bunker Family Bible

In July 1990, Dick purchased a copy of H. & E. Phinney's Stereotype Edition of the Bible, published in 1843 in Cooperstown, N. Y. at the Nantucket Historical Society's annual de-aquisition sale. Books and other memorabilia for sale were placed on tables in the back yard of the society's library. The back of the bible contains the inscription Wood-Bunker Nantucket Mass.

There are four pages for family records located between the Old Testament and the Apocrypha. They cover marriages, births, and deaths from 1785 to 1899 for the family names Wood, Folger, Bunker, Cathcart, Parry, Joy, and Shaw. I have scanned thumbnail images of the four pages below and entered the data in tables next to the images.

Family Records page - Marriages
Marriages Marriages
David Wood
Sally Folger
July 9th. 1807 David Bunker
Sarah F. Wood
March 25th. 1840
Daniel Bunker
Susan Cathcart
May 1805 Lydia W. Bunker
Isaac Perry
March 1867
Lydia W. Perry
William A. Wood
Louiston Bunker
Emily Joy
Nov. 7, 1895

Family Records page - Births

Births Births
David Wood Jan'y 27th 1785 Daniel Bunker Oct 1781
Sally Folger May 5th 1788 Susan Cathcart Oct 1782
Phebe F Wood June 22d 1808 William C Bunker June 1st 1808
Benj'n T Wood Ap'l 17th 1810 David Bunker May 19 1818
Wm W Wood March 19th 1813 John C. Bunker July 2d 1822
Michael F Wood Nov 15, 1815 Mary Bunker March 1811
Charlotte C Wood Ap'l 19th 1818
Sarah F Wood Oct 24th 1820
Lydia H Wood Aug 22d 1822
Mary ann Wood July 26th 1824

Family Records page - Births

David Bunker May 19th 1818
Sarah F Wood Oct 24th 1820
Lydia W Bunker Dec 7th 1845
Louiston Bunker March 27th 1849
Francis B. Parry Feb 15th 1868
Freddie Parry April 28th 1870
Emily Bunker May 29-1862
Isabel W. Joy June 15-1887

Family Records page - Deaths

Deaths Deaths
Daniel Bunker May 1854 David Wood Dec 26th 1869
Susan Bunker 1851 Sally Wood Dec 17th 1859
Mary Bunker Sept 17th 1827 Benjamin T. Wood March 17th 1874
David Bunker Nov. 22-1890 Sarah B. Shaw
in Providence R.I.
February 24th 1875
Sarah F. Bunker Oct 5, 1896 William W. Wood Sept. 28-1899

Dick donated scanned copies of the pages to the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston; you can find it there. It is in the national bibliographic database at OCLC, available through most public libraries, under call number Mss C 3351.

For further information, you can contact Dick Hodgman through http://www.hodgman.org/contact/

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