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Dick's great aunt wrote three family histories on his father's side, so he has had quite a head start in genealogy. He has followed up her work with research at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, and in other library research. He has also tromped around a few cemetaries and town halls; see the descriptions from his trips to Merrimack and Gilsum, New Hampshire.

Our web pages have attracted inquiries from a number of people with related surnames. Listed below are all the surnames from our children's previous four generations. There is also a link to an end-of-line names page and an ahnentafel chart for those that want to delve deeper. Some of the names listed there are from the 16th century. There is a reference to the biennial Burns picnic. Listed below are also links to genealogy references on the Internet.

For more information on Hodgman, see Dick's Hodgman - Facts and Trivia page.

In the summer of 1990, Dick obtained the 1843 Wood-Bunker family bible in Nantuckett, Mass. He has transcribed the family records pages for reference.

Ian Frazier's Family, tells of American life through the stories of several generations of his ancestors. His investigations of where and how his ancestors lived provide everyday detail that make the stories come to life. You can read a brief synopsis at Barnes and Noble.

Four Generation Surname List:

Gozonsky (Gorzhanski)
Yockey (Jacky)
Montange (Montagne)
Blair (Pflueger)

End-Of-Line Names


Burns Picnic

The Burns family picnic was revived August 6, 1994 after a 25 year hiatus. It was held outside Sioux City, Iowa, at Brown Lake, the same site as the first picnic in 1916.

The descendants of Lemuel Burns and his wife Harriet (Kellogg) Burns came from as far away as North Carolina. We shared recent activities, renewed old acquaintances, and made new ones. Cheryl Tevis organized the 1994 picnic and reported on the activities in Successful Farming magazine, Mid-March 1995.

Cheryl also organized the 1996 Burns picnic in Sioux City, Iowa on August 18. About 40 of us, aged 2 to 93, met at the home of a Burns cousin. There was a Burns Facts and Burns Photos contest. Cheryl reported current events, marriages and births. I recounted Lemuel Burns' Civil War record. We ate a catered barbeque lunch, and the kids played games.

Thomson / Thompson

Hattie Kellogg Burns, my great-great-grandmother and the wife of Lemuel Burns, was the daughter of Harriett Thompson, a descendant of Davis and Amyes (Colle) Thomson. A group of 15 or so members of this --extended-- family have corresponded by EMail since July 1997. The instigator of this group, Nancy Thomson, had contacted me in November 1996, having found David Thomson on my Anhnentafel chart. Don Bryant, one of the correspondents, has put up the Thompson / David Thompson Web Centre, which you may visit to learn more.

My Thomson line is
Richard Blair Hodgman (Dorothy Ann Yockey, Gordon Leon, Augusta Eastman Burns, Harriett Kellogg, Harriett Thompson, David Thomson, William, William, Benjamin, John, John, David, Richard)

David Thomson and Amyes Colle Thomson are the immigrant ancestors. David visited New England in 1619, and was granted the island now known as Thompson's Island in 1622. It can be seen when approaching Logan Airport from the south; it is one of the few islands that is almost completely green.

After David died in 1628, Amyes married Samuel Maverick. Maverick Square in Boston is named for Samuel Maverick. The term 'maverick' has been said to have come from Samual Maverick's non-conformist ways.

Genealogy References on the Internet

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Cyndi Howells's Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet has over 179,300 links in over 150 categories.

I found several new ancestors in just an hour or so one night on GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index - and there's more to search.

You can post queries for surnames in USENET soc.genealogy.surnames
(wait for a FAQ and read before posting).
You can search the soc.genealogy.surnames newsgroup for previously submitted messages and queries from the Google Groups Search Filter; Start at Google Groups and select Advanced Groups Search. On the next screen, enter your query, such as a surname, in the Find Messages fields, enter soc.genealogy.surnames in the Newsgroup field, and press the button Google Search.

Ancestry.com has a search page.

USENET Genealogy and computing in soc.genealogy.computing
USENET Genealogy research (moderated) in soc.genealogy.methods
USENET Miscellaneous genealogy in soc.genealogy.misc

I am a member of The New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston and have visited their library twice for week-long research sessions.

Genealogy Software

I maintain my reference database on The Master Genealogist from Wholly Genes Software.
I also use Family Tree Maker from Broderbund. They have extensive CD-based reference data.

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