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I manage about 20 websites, including the Hodgman Family Home Page. I have put together most of what you see on hodgman.org. I have used DreamHost for webhosting since December 2007. I have one Linux-based computer backing up my websites. Lucy and I use Windows; Lynne and Thomas use Macs.

My interests include computers, which has been my career, cyberspace, and genealogy. I enjoy recreational photography (see the Hodgman Travel Album and the original content on our Kansas City page) and, of course, I have my favorite cyberlinks.

I operate my own consulting business, Design Associates, specializing in computer product development.

I use Uptime to record when our web site has not been accessible.

I went to Fall Comdex 1997 (RIP).

When I was first out of college, I worked at Memory Technology, Inc., just down the road from the Wayside Inn, Sudbury Mass. It is the setting for Paul Revere's Ride by Longfellow. Paul Revere's House in Boston provides a context for Paul Revere's ride.

Shakespeare's Sonnet 18

I have jotted down some of my recipes - half-sour pickles to glass cleaner.

Contact Dick through http://www.hodgman.org/contact/

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